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At Swastika fin corp, we understand your business dreams and growth aspirations. There are phases in a business cycle when you seek financial avenues to fuel the growth of your small or medium level enterprise. Quite often your business needs that extra push to take it to a new level of development. In a stiff competitive environment and an ever growing economy, you would not want to lose any business opportunity that comes your way.

Our Business loans at Swastika fin corp are designed to do just that. We take care of a wide range of capital requirements, financial needs and other industrial expenses that are crucial to keep your business running. We have the right expertise and a keen eye to understand your business requirements. So whether you aspire to expand your current business venture or require new machinery or equipment for your enterprise, our customised business loans aim to provide the right answer to your problems based on your needs.

We provide loan’s from NBFC RBI regd. Companies.


Documents : Self Employed (Individual) : Firms & Companies : Salaried :
Application Form Yes Yes Yes
Photograph Yes Yes(Partners/Directors) Yes
Identity Proof Yes Yes Yes
Address Proof Yes Yes Yes
Signature Proof Yes Yes Yes
Date of Birth Proof Yes Certificate of incorporation Yes
Income Details IT Returns, Balance Sheet & P/L Account statement for the last 2 Years IT Returns, Balance Sheet & P/L Account statement for the last 2 Years IT Returns / Form 16 for the last 2 years and last 3 months Salary Slips
Business Proof 5 Years 5 Years Appointment Letter / Salary Slip
Bank Account Statement For Last 6 Months For Last 6 Months For Last 3 Months
Partnership Deed Yes NA
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